O'Hara Clan Sweater

The name O’ Hara is a phonetic pronunciation of the Irish name Ó hEaghra. O’ Hara’s today are chiefly found in Counties Sligo and Letrim. The actress Maureen O’ Hara has made the name famous all over the world.

The hand knit O’ Hara sweater has a moss filled diamond as it’s central panel. This is flanked by cables and panels of honeycomb on either side. The diamonds represent a wish for wealth, the cables symbolise luck, and the honeycomb represents work. This beautiful hand knitted Aran sweater has been hand knitted in the traditional báinin (pronounced ‘baw neen’) colour, the natural white of the wool. It comes to you complete with a Clan history and crest. It is made of 100% pure new wool, is water repellent and breathable. It has been hand crafted in the traditional Irish style, and with care, will last a lifetime


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