Welcome to Clan Arans, your link to the authentic Irish family craft.

Our hand knit Aran Irish sweaters provide you with a precious heirloom to be passed on to your children, and their children's children, a work of art unique to those bearing your name. This sweater is a connection to your Irish roots, to the history of your family name and to your Irish clan. It has been hand knit for you on the west coast of Ireland, where the tradition of the Aran sweater has survived for hundreds of years.

There is evidence that over this last century many clans adopted their own particular pattern; a unique combination of stitches that provided deep symbolic meaning to each family and this was then passed down from generation to generation.

There are many theories on the usage of Aran patterns within Irish clans with various facts claimed and disputed. But what is really important is that today, Clan Arans provide a genuine link to the heritage of your Irish family name. It is also worth noting that many clans have developed their own symbolic patterns in conjunction with curators here at the Aran Sweater Market on the Aran Islands.

These individual clan patterns have been recorded and registered and we have used this register in order to bring you a little piece of your history, your Irish ancestry. Each sweater is hand knit, each stitch meticulously crafted by a skilled knitter.

In Ireland, the past is an integral part of the present. Now you can carry with you a part of your own history. As the Aran sweater has always been a symbol of Ireland, your unique hand knit Aran sweater will be a sign of pride in your Irish heritage.

We invite you to view your family's pattern, to read the history of Irish Clans to learn about the tradition of the Aran sweater and to experience a truly Irish tradition.