O'Brien Clan Sweater

Ó Briain comes from the personal name Brian, and denotes a descendant of Brian Boru, King of Ireland in the 11th Century. Brian Boru was a member of the Uí Toirdealbhaigh sept, who were part of the Dál gCais tribal grouping, and were based in the Clare / Limerick area. The O’ Briens subsequently spread to counties Tipperary and Waterford. Today the name is the sixth most numerous in Ireland, and is strongest in the province of Munster, in particular county Limerick where it is the most numerous surname (discover more about the origins and history of the O'Brien family name).

The hand knit O’ Brien sweater has a honeycomb rope centre panel, with cable, double zig zags, and moss stitches on either side. The honeycomb represents work, the cable is a wish for good luck, the zig zag is symbolic of the ups and downs of marriage, and moss stitch symbolises nature. This beautiful Aran sweater has been hand knitted in the traditional báinín (pronounced ‘baw neen’) colour, the natural white of the wool. It comes to you complete with a clan history and crest. It is made of 100% pure new wool, is water repellent and breathable. It has been hand crafted in the traditional Irish style, and, with care, will last a lifetime.



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