Merino Wool Zig Zag Sweater

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Merino Wool Zig Zag Sweater 

Gift as a Wedding or Anniversary Gift 

Our traditional Irish zig zag aran sweater for men is made from 100% merino wool. Merino wool is a natural fiber and breathes well ensuring our Aran Sweater holds it shape for years to come. 

This is a timeless and elegant classic which features a combination of the beautiful diamond and zig zag stitches. The zig zag stitch is reminiscent of the twisting cliff paths that lead to the sea and is also said to represent the ups and downs of married life.  

  • Made in Ireland of 100% extra-soft merino wool
  • Classic mens style with a relaxed fit
  • Available in a variety of colours from size XS to XXL
  • Comes with signed & stamped Certificate of Authenticity

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