Merino Wool Aran Men's V-Neck Cardigan

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Merino Wool Aran Men's V-Neck Cardigan 

An Aran Cardigan represents a timeless classic and should be a core item in all men’s wardrobes.

Our Men’s V-Neck Cardigan offers a more functional style than most, as it can be worn open as an outer layer or closed to function as a V-Neck Sweater.

This piece makes a great choice for your Summer wardrobe due to its easy to wear style as well as its breathable fibres which help to regulate your body's temperature.

We recommend in Denim for this Season. 

  • Crafted in Ireland using 100% Merino Wool.
  • Features 2 practical jacket pockets and leather effect buttons.
  • Wool is a Natural and organic fibre which helps to regulate your body's temperature. 
  • Wool being a Natural Fibre holds its shape well. 
  • Comes with signed & stamped Certificate of Authenticity


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