Hennessy Clan Sweater


ó hAonghasa.

In modern times the prefix O has been entirely dropped from the name Hennessy. The Irish of the name is O hAonghusa, meaning decendant of Aonghus or Aongus. The principal sept were found in County Offaly. Another sept had their lands on the borders between Counties Meath and Dublin, Many moved away to County Sligo where until recently they owned much land.

The hand knit Hennessy sweater has a trellis central panel flanked by cable, moss and rope stitches. The trellis stitch represents the stone walled fields of the Aran Islands. Cable symbolises good luck and moss represents nature. This beautiful hand knitted Aran sweater has been hand knitted in the traditional báinin (pronounced ‘baw neen’) colour, the natural white of the wool. It comes to you complete with a Clan history and crest. It is made of 100% pure new wool, is water repellent and breathable. It has been hand crafted in the traditional Irish style, and with care, will last a lifetime.


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