Silver Plated Celtic Brooch with Purple Enamel


Silver Plated Celtic Brooch with Purple Enamel

This Celtic Brooch is produced using the centuries-old design patterns of Celtic Ireland and is a classic piece of costume jewelry, appropriate for both casual and formal wear.

The Celts of Ireland put great importance on the beauty of the unbroken and circular line, symbolising the eternal flow of life from birth to rebirth with no beginning and no ending. This piece of jewelry encapsulates the greatest elements of Celtic art with complex knotwork weaving effortlessly to develop intricate patterns.

In fact, the symmetrical designs featured on this brooch have also been found in many Celtic high crosses, landmarks and even manuscripts as Christian Ireland embraced this symbolism to signify the binding together of two souls in everlasting love.

Made in Ireland by master craftspeople using Celtic silver plating, purple colored enamel and faceted stones, this is a timeless Celtic brooch that will forever bind the wearer to the traditions of Ancient Ireland.

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