Wool Cashmere Aran Wrap with Buttoned Side


Wool Cashmere Aran Wrap with Buttoned Side 

Gift to Someone For Good Luck 

This luxurious wrap pays homage to the most popular of all Aran stitches, the cable stitch, which was said to represent the ropes of the Fisherman. It promises safety and good luck to the wearer.

The Cable stitch is achieved through textures of crossing layers which are achieved by permuting stitches (popular in many Irish sweaters). The stitches crossing behind are transferred to a small cable needle for storage while the stitches passing in front (or behind) are knitted. The former stitches are then transferred back to the original needle or knitted from the cable needle itself. This twisting and turning of the process is reflective of the structure of the Fisherman’s rope. 

  • Made in Ireland of 95% Soft Merino Wool and 5% Cashmere
  • Beautiful Aran Cable Knit design
  • Convenient Buttons on either side for a comfortable fit


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