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Hillwalker Sweater

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01 Hillwalker Sweater - Grassmere
02 Hillwalker Sweater - Grassmere
03 Hillwalker Sweater - Blackwatch
04 Hillwalker Sweater - Black
05 Hillwalker Sweater - Granite
06 Hillwalker Sweater - Red
07 Hillwalker Sweater - Stone
08 Hillwalker Sweater - Navy
09 Hillwalker Sweater - Kiltimagh
10 Hillwalker Sweater - Denim
11 Hillwalker Sweater - Pattern
Price: $135.95

Hillwalker Sweater - Reviews

The Hillwalker Outdoor Sweater is a sweater like no other, and perfect for outdoor pursuits including hiking, golf, hunting, fishing and skiing.

Known for its resilience, durability and protection from the elements of cold and wind, ‘The Hillwalker’ is a sweater for life. Since first produced in the early 1990s, the sweater has become world renowned.

The classic Hillwalker rib sweater is 100% wool, double knit with double cuff and basque. Its unique design contains discrete detail on the neck, chest and sleeve.

  • Extra Durable Outdoor Sweater
  • Warm, Comfortable and Stylish
  • Made in Ireland of 100% New Wool
  • Natural, Organic & Easy-care Hiking Sweater
  • Popular for Outdoor activities



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